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o hai there


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hi, long (sorta) time player, first time poster. :D

my name is deadpnk and i am a ET addict.

i play mostly at jay1, i like the packed feeling of it, love the frenzy it can bring, but now ive been bouncing across 1 and 2

no my name isn't deadpink, or deadspunk(as some ppl might bring up xD)

its pronounced dead punk, weeeeee.....

so thats basically it, unless u know more about me than i do :o


good intro? (yes no maybeh so?... lollerskates)


cya guys in game and happy fraggin :P

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lol u guys reply quick, yes icky i finally made it to forums lol :P

ill be playing team fortress 2 as well so ill see u guys there soon (maybe COD one day if my comp can handle it? :o )

who knows :)

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