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  1. same thing with me, etkey, pb guid all good ..no changes do not use xfire gets reset randomly maybe admin was mad about me making donation so they reset my xp to make sure I dont do that again (hehehe) Kevin let me know if they find a fix or if there is something I can do.. xp builds up fast but its no fun to sign on late at night and have to start over... not expecting it to be back to zero it ruins my chemo meds effect...
  2. First off most of this players that are going to miss me is because their ratings will be going down. Second I want to make peace with YoYo and I have a plan... Myself, like many of the players that end up on an FA server love it and end up wanting to join. Well that was a mistake for me since I had a global ban from 2006, yes I used an aimbot and I explained that back when it came up. Not going over that again. Plus I have my aimbot humanized down to the point that I am the worst player on the server so no one will ever suspect it now. Well the fact that I had used a hack did not sit well with YoYo and I don't hold that against him. The old ban did not bother Dare so he was kind and gave me lvl 5. I found that very nice but knowing that YoYo did not approve bothered me and made me defensive and uncomfortable. Then I was given level 10, and it doubled the good feelings as well as the bad ones. Finally to the plan, remove all levels from my profile. I can play without concern of having anyone upset or bothered by my standing in the clan and we can all move forward and maybe forgive me for the last couple of weeks. Maybe I will ease back on the server soon and put this mess in the past. If no, thats not a problem .. I had a great time here
  3. no, maybe something about my son had quit trying to sign on because his xp kept reseting I hate that its turned out this way, I am fighting a losing battle here. you have had it in for me from day one .. you are right I am the bad guy here .. hold ur pious head high with pride
  4. not about levels, just common respect I thought I made that clear must say I really liked everyone here and felt like I was a small part of the family but its not like that I guess yoyo made sure I was not welcome here
  5. yes I was mad at that point.. show all 3 messages .. I sent the first one waited a week or so sent the second one then that one was the third one. I knew something was up I could just feel it in my gut. Turned out I was right To my best knowledge I never said or did anything to make yoyo hate me but I guess thats the why things go sometimes you cant make all the people happy all the time.
  6. Where u been at lately? Miss u burning us to a crisp

  7. hey dude long time ^^, one question, maybe u can help me, can u do a signature for me ?? something funny. If u have time, and if uy want :P

  8. Thats one hell of a server bot ... putting a human bot on the forum hehhehe Welcome
  9. 5. In my opinion, stopping copyright infringements is just a retarded excuse by the lawmakers to create an infrastructure that is going to be used to censor certain sites. I concur with Kami on this. For some reason people want to legislate morals and this gives them the right to remove your rights. Our world is changing fast, the music industry is changing, things will work out without intrusive laws being added.
  10. I like the first one .. check out some of the many sigs I have done in the past .. http://s192.photobucket.com/albums/z191/humaninput/SIGS/
  11. I am for seatbelts ... they save lives, no question there, my point was the amount of the fine.. there is no one to keep the city/county/state in check when it comes to their fine amounts. If a ticket for expired inspection sticker turns into $500+ fine due to failure to appear thats crazy. Sure its your own fault for not taking care of it when you was suppose to but REALLY?. A friend of mine that is unemployed goes and turns himself in and does time served for any traffic fines he gets. His logic is that its like working and he gets free meals (better than McDonalds) My suggestion is that revenue that comes in from traffic fines be used for something besides police salaries and bonus. Police really should be there to serve and protect and not as a business making money to line their own pockets.
  12. JoeDirt is right, but I am sure Aliens turned him on to the info about electricity
  13. I don't question your love of the show, the icons and and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. Also, I do not have issues with the content.... I like the phrase "friendship is magic" and happen to believe it Additionally I believe you have the right to like/love whatever you wish.. Gary you are a smart person and thats why I don't understand why you would try to push your choices on folks that you know are the wrong audience. You knew the reaction you was calling for and you are getting it. Imagine this... a couple of years from now you are looking back on this time and thinking that this ponie fetish was a childish and silly thing. If that happens this post you made will be a landmark of stupidity in your life. IMO this is the same as someone pushing Mormanism on a Jewish community i.e. its fine to have this fetish just keep it hidden under your bed with your playboy mags

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