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Woman left with 'uniboob' after botched surgery leaves her breasts joined together


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A 40 year old woman has gone public with her 'botched' breast enhancement operation in a bid to warn other women about the dangers of using an unqualified plastic surgeons.


Dinora Rodriguez, from Los Angeles, California, was left with a 'uniboob' after her breasts were conjoined by skin.


She also had a nip-tuck operation on her eyelids that has meant she is unable to close them.


Mrs Rodriguez is featured in a new advertising campaign being mounted by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in an attempt to warn people about the dangers of using unqualified surgeons.


The ASPS want to warn people considering surgery to be on their guard against what they call 'white coat deception'.


A spokesman for the ABPS explained: 'Just because they have a white coat doesn't mean they are qualified to perform plastic surgery.'


Mrs Rodriguez said she discovered this the hard way after visiting a doctor to have her breast implants replaced.


Her surgeon had cut across the two separate 'pockets' that normally hold breast tissue which meant the implants were able to touch in the middle creating the look of a single breast, or 'uniboob'.


The female surgeon also cut through nerves and muscle, leaving her with shooting pains in her ribs.


Mrs Rodriguez revealed that the surgeon also carried out corrective surgery on her eyes - even though she did not request any.


The operation has left her unable to close her eyes and surgeons said no corrective surgery will be able to repair the damage.


Mrs Rodriguez must take medication for the rest of her life to keep her eyes moist.


She said: 'It was a terrible experience waking up from surgery and seeing that this had happened.


'I didn't know to check my doctor's qualifications and I regret it.'













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at least there is still 2 nipples.


on a positive note....when she is on her back they wont fall over to the sides--they will stand up nice and straight.


People: please look for the positive in everything. This cloud has a silver lining.

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