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Say Goodbye to Google Labs


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Say Goodbye to Google Labs

Google to shut down their open experimental labs


Wednesday brought the sad news of Google Labs' closure. Google announced that they will no longer run open experiments we have seen at the Google Labs website.


For most, Google Labs means nothing. Being the experimental 'incomplete' project base, most internet users are unaware of Google Labs, or choose not to delve into the unfinished, unsupported products within. But for those who took joy in playing with the goodies that lay within, it is a breaking announcement.


Gmail users were struck with fear over certain features which were part of the Google Labs development, such as the 'undo' button which allows you a second chance if you make a mistake with an email. However a spokesman for Google has said that certain Google Labs products which are highly called for such as said Gmail functions, and functions on Google Maps, will not be dropped with Google Labs, and will remain present to those who use them.


"We don't have any plans to change in-product experimentation channels like Gmail Labs or Maps Labs," the spokesman said. "We'll continue to experiment with new features in each of our products."


Hopefully this will mean that Google will indeed have to work harder and release fun new products to the public since they will not be able to half-release things hidden in the Google Labs section.


I for one will be sad to see Google Labs go.. But what it may bring, could be a good thing!


Source: =F|A=Chuckun @ fearless-assassins.com

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Never even knew it existed!


Daily users don't know what all Google provides. :)


I used it couple of times... it was nice but will not miss it.

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