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Ruins of Acquiesce - Ruins23.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map

bell reavue

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Ruins of Acquiesce - Ruins23.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: ruins23.pk3
Map name: ruins23.bsp

Author(s): William Tyler "neotic" Buser


From RTCW file front website: "Allied Forces have discovered an ancient relic, known as the Hourglass, on a forgotten island. The treasure in combination with its key, the Dagger of Time, allows the user to control and manipulate time. Axis command has learned of this discovery and has assembled an immediate landing party to capture the relics. Allied Forces have secured the island and are ready for any attack. To advance, the Axis Forces will require anything that will facilitate their progress throughout the island palace and fortress.


The Axis force will have to move swiftly to infiltrate the Palace in hope of overcoming it; eventually leading them to the Fortress that gaurds the relics. Allies must desperately slow their progress throughout the Palace and its gardens. If the Allies fail the Fortress is their last chance."

ruins23 waypoints.rar

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ET map ruins32 Is a maze of stairways and passages. Axis attack and escort tank to open fortress.


You must use command map(G) to find which direction to go.


You have to search around for the right way to get to objectives due to multiple floors.


There are signs on walls when You get near. Then It's simple to win!

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