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Battle of Wolken 5 (Sky Raid) FP - wolken5_fp.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Battle of Wolken 5 (Sky Raid) FP - wolken5_fp.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: wolken5_fp.pk3

Map name: wolken5_fp.bsp

Author(s): Chris Turner (chr1s)


Battle of Wolken 5: Sky Raid



During an intense attack by Axis forces using a small fleet of Himmel Airships the captial ship, Himmelfaust, recieved heavy damage and was in dire need of repairs. Unable to function properly a retreat was ordered. The ship managed to make port at one the sky docks held be the Axis, however the allies managed to track the airships movements and now know the location of the damaged craft. They now plan to raid the sky dock and permantly damage the airship to prevent such assults in future.




Capture the Forward Spawn

Destroy the Lower Entrance

Destroy the Higher Entrance

Build the Command Post

Destroy the Himmelfaust's engine room

wolken5_fp waypoints.rar

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