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Rescue the Maiden - maiden1.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Rescue the Maiden - maiden1.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: maiden1.pk3

Map name: maiden1.bsp


Rescue the Maiden!


The Axis forces are holding a maiden prisoner in a dungeon located inside a creepy old church built into an ancient volcano crater! The Allied primary objectives are to locate the maiden, break her free from captivity then escort her safely to the waiting escape truck. The Axis primary objectives are to prevent the maiden's rescue at all costs and stop her from escaping within the truck.


Along the way the Allies have several secondary objectives which the Axis team must try to prevent them accomplishing. Firstly the Allies must dynamite the dungeon door grate to allow them access to the crater. This can also be achieved by destroying the large block in the water near the truck and entering through a submerged tunnel. Once inside the crater there is a flag which can be captured by either side to allow a closer respawn point as well as handy ammo and health racks. Finally the Allied team must breach the prison wall from inside the church to free the maiden.

maiden1 waypoints.rar

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