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Neuschwaben Final - neuschwaben_final.pk3 - Enemy Territory Map


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Neuschwaben Final - neuschwaben_final.pk3

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Download pk3 name: neuschwaben_final.pk3

Map name: neuschwaben_final.bsp

Author(s): FischCommand



1946, North Norway: Briefly after end of war, a secret SS-Command fled consisting of former coworkers Werner von Braun's to North Norway and built an enormous, self-sufficient underground aircraft factory.


The purpose was to manufacture newly developed "Reichsflugscheiben" which placed every other fighter or other missile equipped with completely new technology into the "shade". The new fuel of this so-called "Reichsflugscheibe", contained an up to then unknown

chemical-toxic substance, those the missile on the 5-fold Speed of sound brought (Mach 5).


A goal of the Allierten is it to infiltrate the SS-basis and that just finished and successfully tested prototypes of the "Reichsflugscheibe".

Destroy both Reichsflugscheiben and STEAL the Secret Documents!

The code name for this secret action reads "silver penguin".



Primary objective:

- Don't let the Allies destroy both Reichsflugscheiben!

- Don't let the Allies steal the Secret Documents


Secondary Objective:

- Defend the Forward Spawn in stockroom/warehouse

- Don't let the Allies destroy the Guard Wall for air duct

- Don't let the Allies construct a Ladder/Elevator to Ground Zero

- Construct a Guard Door for the lower Entry

- Construct a Safe Door for Secret Documents

- Don't let the Allies build a command post

- Turn the valve to enable toxic water and destroy ladder to objective



Primary objective:

- Destroy both Reichsflugscheiben of the Axis

- Steal the Secret Documents of Reichsflugscheibe


Secondary Objective:

- Capture the Forward Spawn in stockroom/warehouse

- Destroy the Guard Wall for air duct

- Construct a Ladder/Elevator to Ground Zero

- Destroy the Guard Door for the lower Entry

- Destroy the Safe Door for Secret Documents

- Construct a Command Post

- Turn the valve to disable toxic water and build a ladder to objective

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