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Lighthouse - lighthouse.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Lighthouse - lighthouse.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: lighthouse.pk3

Map name: lighthouse.bsp

Author(s): mrfin



Allies have set up a command centre on a small chalkstone island, housing a lighthouse off the South coast of England. Axis are attempting to dissable it.



1. Blow up Light at the top of the lighthouse tower

2. Blow up command bunker comms room

3. Blow up anti ship gun emplacement


There are also 3 entrances that need to be breached.

1. The lighthouse compound wall

2. The main entrance

3. The compound gate



1. Ropes for scaling the West south cliff

2. Ropes for scaling the tower

3. Neutral Command Post

lighthouse waypoints.rar

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Feedback is coming a bit late, but well...

This map is okay. It is a good map for Jay 4, because there are fewer players than on Jay 1 for example. But the map would be very difficult for attackers and easy to defend on Jay with ~40+ players. It is not useful on full servers but just right for fewer populated ones. Wouldn't be too bad to get it back, just like Industry2 Final.

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