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Cortex Who Beta - cortexbeta_who.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Cortex Who Beta - cortexbeta_who.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name : cortexbeta_who.pk3

Map name : cortexbeta




There are 4 CDs hidden in that house.


Second floor at the shelf

First floor in the stereo system. Press the remote control to open the CD bay

In the room \"Minus\" in the CD player

In the room \"Cortex\" in the portable CD player



Axis must pick up this CDs and bring them to the computer (put the CD's in the drive). At the computer there's also the flag. Axis should conquer this flag which makes it easier for them.

At the monitor you see the current status which CD's are still missing. When Axis took the flag they are able to use the remote control (in this room in the bin) to move the helicopter which is floating on the table next to the flag. This helicopter will pick up the fourth CD in the Cortex room.



Allies have to defense the four CD's. Best way is to take care that Axis are not able to capture the flag.

cortex_who waypoints.rar

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