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1944 Cherbourg - 1944_cherbourg2.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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1944 Cherbourg - 1944_cherbourg2.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name : 1944_cherbourg2.pk3

Map name : 1944_cherbourg2.bsp



Allied troops besieged Cherbourg and struggled to expand southward through the entangling Norman hedgerows. Earthen embankments hundreds of years old, matted with the roots of trees and shrubs, the hedgerows divided the countryside into thousands of tiny fields. The narrow roads, sunk beneath the level of the surrounding countryside, became deathtraps for tanks and vehicles. Crossroads villages were clusters of solidly built medieval stone buildings, ideal for defense. Small numbers of German infantry, dug into the embankments with machine guns and mortars and a tank or two or a few antitank guns for support, made advancing across each field costly. Play notes: Destroying the dock AA-gun gives the allies access to the dock spawn. Many boarded up doors are actually explosive entities, look around as these lead to short cuts. Destroying the Axis Bunker Door Controls will disable the Axis Bunker Spawn Whoever controls the Command Post controls the Forward Spawn The Barricade Cannon and Tank Cannon can be fired by any axis player standing close by.

1944_cherbourg2 waypoints.rar

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