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2 Hide - 2hide.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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2 Hide - 2hide.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: 2hide.pk3

Map name: 2hide.bsp

Author(s): Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren


Basic Information



Author : Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren

Email address : lindgrenrikard@hotmail.com

Webpage : http://www.drakir.tk



Map Information



Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Title : 2Hide

Filename : 2hide.pk3

Release date : 2003-11-07

Decription : During the Axis attempt to fire across the english canal they have built and hidden a huge gun in a farmhouse. To stop the firing of the gun, Allied forces need to get hold of the secret codes that unlocks the door to the hidden gun and then destroy the gun to make sure it cannot be used!.

Program : SD Radiant 1.3.8


Build time : Started work 2003-09-29

Compile time : 25mins BSP, 25mins VIS and 5 hours LIGHT

Compile machine : AMD Athlon 2200, 512mb


Installation : Place the 2hide.pk3 to your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or

bring down the console and type: map 2hide.


New Textures : 1

New Sounds : Nope

New Models : Nope






#. This is a the FINAL version.

#. See if you can find the 3 hidden rooms in the map, they dont add anything to the map just there for fun.


#. Objectives

: Destroy/Defend the entrances.

: Capture the Forward Spawn.

: Get/Defend the Dynamite Detonator.

: Build/Destroy the Commandpost.

: Get/Defend the Keycodes Documents.

: Dynamite/Defend the Big Gun.



Special thanks and Credits to:


None yet...well perhaps "Sock" for the work he puts into answering our stupid questions on the SD Forum.....almost forgot B-Xpress for our lovely midnight chats (B-Xpress also gets some credits in the map as i have named the train after him).


Tnx to all who tested it and gave feedback on bugs and other issues, some testers name below in now perticular order:

- SenF clan, specially Pete Wright.

- Loffy, fellow Swede mapper.

- S.S.HeirPie

- =CFC= Kam

- PH@T!E aKa Chris

- Doddsy

- toasterking

- Mev2436

- J D

- Zeus a.k.a. Alex

- RudeBoy

- Blusher




Progress reports from my homepage:




Due to a stupid misstake i had to make yet another version. THIS IS THE FINAL!




FINAL version released. HF, GL!




FINNALY the map is ready for tests.


Be a BETA tester of my new map "Hide"!

Contact me via mail lindgrenrikard@hotmail.com and i´ll give u the download location and password to the test server.

I dont want this BETA to go public before a gametest is done so i can get rid of any stupid small misstakes i may have made.



Its in the middle of the night and i am doing compile nr. 5 for todays mapping. Glad to say that the map will reach BETA tomorrow, i have been doing the objectives during the past days and its been booth fun and mindblowing at times.

The objectives are done and works:


First task for the attacking Allies will be to grab the forward spawn flag

Then they need to steal the detonator battery so that they can arm the dynamite detonator in the town.

When the detonator is armed they need to push the detonator trigger to blow a hole in the wall to get hold of the secret code documents that is kept inside a vault in one of the buildings in town.

The secret code documents is needed to unlock the door to the big hidden gun inside the farmhouse.

Once the door is unlocked its time to blow up the big gun to win the game.

This may sound like a undoable task, but i am hoping that i will be a rather fair deal. The game tests will show if something needs changing. As for a fun part it the map i have added 3 secret rooms in different places. You dont gain anything from finding them but i thought it was a fun addon for the map. The map is pretty biased for the Axis, i havent yet added anything for the Allies to build. But then again they will have their hands full with blowing things up instead. More screens and more data on the BETA release will follow in next update later. Just typing away waiting for the VIS compile. I have almost reached my goals on this map, i set out to not use any new textures and no new sounds or models, well i broke the first goal by making 1 new texture for the secret rooms. But that wont add much to the pk3 size so what the heck.



Yet again 8 new shots, the shots and the test below does tell almost everything i have made in the past days. Also getting closer and closer to having the goal decieded. Dunno if i will talk about them yet though, not sure if am going to be able to do them as i wish yet.



As you can see below i have put up 8 new screenis for your viewing pleasure. I am back at hard work on this map, and its getting along nicely. This is truly the biggest mapping project i have taken upon me to do. But its pleasing to see that its turning out great. I am making things up as i go along, but i am getting more and more clear on what the objectives will be. The map will have a tank, that the Allies are going to have to steal from the the Axis fortified area. Allied forces needs the tank to blow a hole in one of the town buildings so that they can get the stuff inside that house. I know this has been used in several maps, but i think it fits the ET theme to have a tank. The tank may change into a truck if i can get the stuff i want to do working.


One thing i have said to myself from the beginning is that i must only use the original textures and models for this map. This is so the maps download size will be as small as possible. The whole .pk3 file is in its current state only 3.5mb and i dont think it will grow over 5 when done. 5mb is even acceptable to a modem user to download. So i belive that this will also make this map played more. This time i will have alot of testing before releasing it, the map will be released to the public in a "FINAL" state from start.



Progress report. Havent been working that much in "Hide" for a few days. Been playing mostly, just recently joined a UK ET clan, ]RaF[ Runaway Fighters. So alot of mapping time has gone to taking the dust of my aim. I have released 2 new small maps i wipped up really fast, u can read more about those on the "News" page. But i havent stopped working on Hide, just taking a short break. The map is coming along nicely, i have been banging my head gettting the FPS great on the map with some hint and other rearrangements of brushes and the terrain. So if all goes as planned the FPS will be pretty good on this rather large scaled map. Right now i am working on the townpart that will be the 2:nd objective for the Allied forces to get hold of. I am adding alot of detail to the buildings and also the interior.



A new map is on the way. I havent gotten that far yet. But as i use to do i show off on progress while working on the project.


This new project goes under the workname of "Hide", that name will not be the one used on any release, dunno why i called it that.....just what came to my mind when doing the terrain. I dont have the theme and objectives clear yet and havent decided on what they will be......still thinking of them and what i should implement regarding maybe having a tank or a mocing truck in the map. All i can tell so far is that the first objective for the Allies to clear is to bring their flag from their spawnbase to the Axis fortified area and thereby capture that area. Once captured they are going to have to complete 2 more objectives before the map ends.





Copyright © 2003 Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren all rights reserved


This level may be electronically distributed only at

NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST

include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN






2hide waypoints.rar

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