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Erdenberg Beta 2 - erdenberg_b2.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Erdenberg Beta 2 - erdenberg_b2.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: erdenberg_b2.pk3

Map name: erdenberg_b2.bsp

Author(s): sani, Hukk


The axis are holding a small town of Erdenberg as one of their headquarters. With the power of two Flak88 cannons they are shooting down the Allies supply planes. The Allies are now sending a special crew to disable the enemy cannons and take over the town in order to continue their battle.



Lifted and moved the trench

Added a fence to Upper road

Ruins 1st floor wall removed

Side door is fully removed, side route fully re-done

Center building 1st floor reordered

A window at East Flak88 is now a doorway, another window is now closed

Gap in the wooden fence is removed

Flak88 "legs" are clipped (a bit)

East Flak88 platform and outside yard are extended

Axis spawnroom is extended

The alley is wider


As you can see in the command map screenshot, the side door has been taken out of the 1st stage. Only way to continue from the flag is by destroying the main gate. Side route parts from the room after main gate.

erdenberg_b2 waypoints.rar

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