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MLB Carnage - mlb_carnage.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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MLB Carnage - mlb_carnage.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: mlb_carnage.pk3

Map name: mlb_carnage.bsp


Level info:

Allies have to blow the beach bunker door, capture the flag to enable second spawn, blow the main gates and the bunker doors, construct the radio to call in B-17 to gain access to the generator and battery, blow the generator and blow the battery, the final objective.

Axis have to stop them by building MG nests and CP. Also landmines can be placed in trenches to slow down the Allies.

mlb_carnage waypoints.rar

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Great map as far as I remember, been some time since I played it, but I cant recall any lag or major disadvantages/advantages for allies/axis, map is pretty big, many things to blow up nd stuff, nice places to frag in general.


Guess it'd make a good addition to Jay3's maps (maybe in place of Minas, since its gettin lots of dislikes cuz its bein rushed or spawns gettin messed up)

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