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Railgun EU Beta 2 - railgun_eu_b2.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Railgun EU Beta 2 - railgun_eu_b2.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: railgun_eu_b2.pk3

Map name: railgun_eu.bsp


The Allies must prevent the Axis from loading and firing Dora, a colossal railway gun. The Axis must transport and load Dora's ammunition, protect her firing controls and fire her to win.




There are also two modifications for this map which can be added - A snow-reduction mod for improved performance, and a spawnfix mod to keep things more fair.

railgun_eu_b2 readme+pics.zip

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  • Map Type
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  • Map Theme
  • Attacking Team
  • Waypoints
  • Known Issues


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+1 for this map. I would really like to see it on NQ2, we need new maps there. (Why should we register with google+ only to rate this? I use facebook)

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I really would like to see this map on the server NoQ2. Sounds like a good map to play. +1 for this map.

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I love this map but be aware it can clear a server in 5 minutes (or @ warmup if people already hate the map) - it's quite a 'problem causer'..

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Some people have been mentioning this map on HC lately.. Maybe it's worth adding it back into the map list?


I would recommend it with the less snow script and the bugfix, tower spawn, axis CP script pack.. But whatever suits best.

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