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[21:12] trouselbarf: is there a ctrl clan fourm?

[21:12] Ryan<3: yea

[21:13] trouselbarf: because supposidly im a guy.

[21:13] trouselbarf: and theres a picture of me on your fourms.

[21:14] Ryan<3: well, either someone faking your name or its you, prove it and buy cheap $5 mic, shouldn't be hard, I'd even give you a mic myself, I have a few

[21:14] trouselbarf: you know the reasion im not gonna buy a mic?

[21:14] Ryan<3: wait, now you're not buying one?

[21:15] trouselbarf: when diablo 3 comes out i am.

[21:15] trouselbarf: but im not going to because

[21:15] trouselbarf: i have a good reasion ol

[21:15] Ryan<3: lol

[21:15] trouselbarf: i used to play WoW right.

[21:15] trouselbarf: and after a while

[21:15] trouselbarf: you get these tennage guys

[21:15] trouselbarf: who are all lile

[21:15] trouselbarf: like

[21:15] trouselbarf: AMG YOU HAVE MIC?

[21:16] trouselbarf: and then you get one.

[21:16] trouselbarf: and its cool for the first few weeks.

[21:16] trouselbarf: and then after that

[21:16] trouselbarf: they wanna have like phone sex and shit XD

[21:16] trouselbarf: thats my resion why.

[21:16] trouselbarf: im not gonna get one.

[21:16] Ryan<3: well, you dont have to talk on WoW

[21:16] Ryan<3: and still have a mic

[21:17] trouselbarf: yeah but you have no idea what pressure can do to a woman XD

[21:17] Ryan<3: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd




this is the photobucket I found of our problem player on jay2




coincidence? I think not

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I don't get the point of whole post? All I see is some chat and his photo link which is of no use to us...


No offense to anyone but I am confused lol..

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this "eureka" was claiming to be a girl on jay2 server for a while now, he even made apply on pwn forums saying his name is alyssa. but he got busted and now making excuses and the mic excuse is the most used "I don't have one" "I can't talk now" etc...

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