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Hello I have a problem company

Every time I start the game over xfirea ET is ordered in 800x600 resolution. After setting my monitor supports 1280x1024 you, so I need to swap each time the settings to the desired dimension. Who knows why and how to edit


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XFire probably launches the game with the settings in your etmain/profiles/name/etconfig.cfg


Try making sure everything is set correctly in there as well (or xfire allows you to add command line properties {e.g. a "+exec myconfig.cfg"} when you launch games).

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Another way to fix this would be to add a file to your etmain directory called "autoexec.cfg". This file will always be ran when ET starts. To have it fix your resolution, put these lines in the .cfg:

seta r_mode -1
seta r_customwidth 1280
seta r_customheight 1040

r_mode -1 is custom resolution settings, and r_customwidth/height provide the custom parameters.


Hope this helps.



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Do you use autoexec.cfg? or default config game?

if it's not then go to your etmain folder and check if there a file named autoexec.cfg and if you find it... then just copy past the file to this thread.

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  • Clan Friend

why reinstalling? if it's a config problem then you just need to change it, if not, reinstalling won't fix anything. It makes you waste time that's all.



I think the best is always having an autoexec.config in etman and also in all the other mods folders. I never start et with xfire, so I don't know whether it uses some command line options (like +set r_mode ...) or not.


So the reasons could be:


- 1 xfire explicitly sets an r_mode (probably not)


- 2 it's in your config


I think the second one is your problem, check the r_mode you have in your etmain config in your profile folder, and also jaymod or whichever mod you play.



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SunLight :hi

.....thanks for the support and advice I somehow tried to address the issue of advice is enough .... go to work:))


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