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  1. Hello it's been a while since I was last time on the forum or playing ET Let me assure you that due to years of bad health this does not allow me to play this game, I will very much miss some good friends I got over the years on a common forum and in the game. I will stay here and there on the forum otherwise, active cooperation will end slowly, I want and I hope that they will lead the forum and the clan as before. Here and there I will jump to the forum .... West *

    1. Eazy


      Take care of yourself west* !! Wish your health to get better

  2. ....thank you all for the festive greeting cards

    1. Dest!Ny


      Merry christmas

  3. The time has come when in my years you stop actively playing ET at the time I was a member of one better if not the best clans I thank for all the support I received I will remain a loyal member and follow the development = F | A = clan thank you for everything West *

  4. Health, happiness and personal satisfaction as well as a lot of gaming successes in 2016 wishes you a West*

  5. .....played 3,300 hours of ET

    1. MaKy


      ET main in the membrane.

    2. AnG3L
    3. D..X


      demote him :P


  6. Congratulations to all.......

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