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  1. Happy Birthday Brisk!

  2. Has FA ever considered forwarding the Hardcore server to Stopwatch, when it's full (apologies if you have)? I think there might be a fair bit of overlap between the players that like the HC and SW servers, and it would probably help jump-start the SW server's population as well, since Hardcore often gets full so often.
  3. i have the feeling i used to know you lol ^^

  4. I don't know if there's a way to do it with silent, but the old ETPro pubs used to do a shuffle at the end of every map (not every round, but map), based on the XP (so if team A had a lot more XP than team B, a bunch of their players would get shuffled over to the other team). It would be done in the intermission right before the map changed (and this meant it was done before the XP was cleared, too). It's not exactly perfect, since you could get XP from reviving instead of killing, but it seemed fairly effective back then.
  5. There's also the fact that ET has quite large hitboxes (depending on the mod), so while you may be visually hidden, your hitbox might be sticking out a bit and taking some hits (or letting somebody get those last couple hits in as you run behind some cover).
  6. Happy Birthday Brisk!

  7. Brisk


    Crouching is fine, if it works for you, do it. Crouching will decrease the bullet-spread of your gun (useful when shooting at targets far away), and potentially mess up your opponent's aim (if you constantly bob up and down in a firefight, it can also make it hard for an opponent to get headshots). The downside is that if you crouch in the middle of a fight, and want to get headshots, you'll have to adjust your aim. On mice: You don't need a super high DPI mouse (anything with 400 or more is fine), but it should be wired. Perhaps more importantly, you should disable mouse acceleration in Windows (you'll need to google the steps for whatever version of Windows you run). (Apologies, for injecting the thread with a zombie contagion).
  8. Squad.ee #2. Frags from mant/subbi/Raul/walle (chmpp) of Squad.ee Ska - Absolute. Some amazing pistol work by ska. Polar Soul. Great Finnish frag movie, the sync is top notch. Enjoy.
  9. Vo!D is one of them! You're getting old, V!RuS. Pub clans: - [bH] (Bounty Hunters, SWGB) - {SD} (SWGB) - *DTDM* (Do The Damn Mission, ET) - #1| (Hellsoldiers, ET) All now sadly defunct. ETPro teams/clans: - // (Double Slash) - poet. (Players of Enemy Territory) - :-/ (Rageface) - cc* (Color-Coordinated) - Vo!D (Digital Void Gaming) - JizZ (Jizzed) - three(3) (Three Wise Men) - ds. (dArKseeR) - brutii (Brutii) - IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder) - -[--(x_x), (Backtabbers, Incorporated) - msf+ (Misfits) - Team ZaK- (AKA Team JALLAAA) - .ca (Team Canada for ClanBase's Nations Cup XV) - nhncd (Enhanced Europe) Competition teams in other games: - necrotic- (Team Necrotic, RtCW & Urban Terror) - |NN| (No Name, No Need, Urban Terror) - | q:| (Fools With Guns, Urban Terror) - r3. (Real Recognizes Real, Urban Terror)
  10. Brisk


    Old RtCW vid., with some good aiming advice (sadly the original youtube went down, so I had to scrounge around and upload it). http://own3d.tv/v/658714
  11. There is an exact mp_Assault conversion, but it's about 40/+ mb (or something insane like that). Village and sub have conversions too, as does Tram. I"]http://et.splatterla...info&idx=7072]I guess[/url] there's a Chateau conversion too, but I've only played it in RtCW. Don't know of any ET versions of Dam though. <3 RtCW, prefer it to ET, but alas its days have come and gone.
  12. Brisk is my favorite pokemon

  13. Only if you want to know what not to do.

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