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LAZY OLD Player is back


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HI everyone :hi


Since I don't know all new fa members and they also don't know me, I thought maybe will be better to say Hi to old and new FA forum members..I'm so sorry for been away for a months, too much busy lately but now that I manage to have some free time, I said why not share it with my lovely community "FA" I really missed you :hmm so here I am.. muahahahaha



So don't be surprised to see my nickname on servers cuz it will be only me having fun with you ;)


So all of you have a great and funny time :yahoo

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Hey Medic, welcome back We missed you too!:) I just came back a week ago after 8 long months too, I know that you now just want to kick some ass, or is it just me?:D

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Thanks all for your warm words ^^


well first impression @Jay1 after long time no game:


I can't feel my back and my butt

I Lost my aim.. ROFL too much screen touch using made me forget the mouse

I can't feel my fingers after too much shooting


but in the other side a lot of fun :)

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