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I tried your ventrilo server, but there's not a single human that I can test my volume on?

Is this normal? Or am doing something wrong? I connect fine and can enter all rooms. My hotkey responds.

It is monday at 14.00 hours, which means it's something like 6 in the morning in lots of states. But not a single soul??

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Thank you for clearing that up.



I'm on now and lol you want people to be there at 6 am?


Sir, it is approx 1400 hours in the middle of the day in most of entire europe. 1500 in my location.


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Thanks for testing it with me, guys! Think I got the Gain-knob where it's supposed to be!




Feel free to close this thread or delete it or whatever! :thanks

Before someone makes a "that's what she siad..." joke!

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DO NOT TRUST HER :D ... she bites, and bites really hard :D


I agree with Baska. Be careful with lady mamba :P

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