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  1. mp_trench_toast

  2. How to create your own ET-mod

    This tutorial aims at setting you up for modding ET. I personally found the procedure less than straight forward, so here I will carbon-cut it and server it on a silver plate. Later tutorials will cover a coding example, and how to test it on a LAN "home-server" with omnibots. 1) Download & install Microsoft Visual Express C++ 2008. You have to register it, or it will stop working after a month. http://www.microsoft.com/express/Downloads/ 2) Get some code. Here's the latest etpub trunk. 3) Set up Microsoft Visual Express C++ 2008. You have to do 2 things. The first is to open your unpacked source code with VS 2008. Click the /.../src/wolf-vs2k8.sln file. Rightclick on Solution 'Wolf-vs2k8' (I'm using Solution 'Wolf-vs2k3' in the screenshot) and click Properties. From here, click Startup Project and select Multiple startup projects instead of Single startup project. Now do this: Instead of adding the path to your gaming-install, I recommend that you install another ET to a different location, and use this install for modding. I am working on another tutorial where I will be referring to "D:/WolfServer", so you might want to that, or similar, your mod-install-path. That's pretty much it. Let's try to compile the code. Make sure the "Configuration Solutions" drop-down menu (see the screenshot) is set to "release" and rightclick 'Wolf-vs2k8' again, and this time press "Build Solution". You should have 0 errors. If you have 0 errors then you are now ready to start modding. Here's a place with a lot of tutorials & information: http://www.splashdamage.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=8
  3. Can't run ET

    That's no way to run a forum, man. You talk to me, I answer you, you delete my post. That's not cool. btw, I took a screenshot.
  4. Can't run ET

    Was it you that deleted my reply, Scream?
  5. Can't run ET

    Good. Good for you! Good luck with your problem.
  6. Can't run ET

    ^ - my question too. Did you get rid of all your portable & normal ETs before you installed again (ET is rather independent when it comes to shortcuts...) ? Did you try to click ET.exe in c/program files (x86)/w:et ?
  7. Witch Doctor

    One time, at band-camp.... I played some shows with the guitarist from that band. He was "serving" "millitary-denial-duties" at my music-school. It was before he got really famous with "Cartoons". Cool, huh...I haven't seen him in more than 15 years. Hej, Erling!
  8. Should I buy it?

    I tried it and I won't be buying it. It doesn't feel like ET at all.
  9. slow connection, wrong configuration?!?

    It sounds like mike**'s connection is being used for something else than ET. F. ex. an auto-update. Or another PC? Did you try again later?
  10. Ventrilo F|A noob

    Thanks for testing it with me, guys! Think I got the Gain-knob where it's supposed to be! Feel free to close this thread or delete it or whatever! Before someone makes a "that's what she siad..." joke!
  11. Ventrilo F|A noob

    Thank you for clearing that up. Sir, it is approx 1400 hours in the middle of the day in most of entire europe. 1500 in my location.
  12. Ventrilo F|A noob

    Hi, I tried your ventrilo server, but there's not a single human that I can test my volume on? Is this normal? Or am doing something wrong? I connect fine and can enter all rooms. My hotkey responds. It is monday at 14.00 hours, which means it's something like 6 in the morning in lots of states. But not a single soul??
  13. art / gfx =F|A= Emblem Pack

    Really creative work on the ET logo. Awesome work, Blackguard. Especially your banner-signature-thingy.
  14. Girls watch Porn too

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euXQbZDwV0w LMAO
  15. mp_trench_toast

    Uuh, I tried it and it seems to overwrite some essential et-stuff... I get orange/black squares (missing textures) on health, stamina & skill-bars, as well as the console background. My problems went away after I deleted it. Oh well, it was nice to see the old place again.