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MJ and FF have died


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finally michael jackson, shouldnt have bleached himself


lol Mraw, i think you hit the wrong forum :D


lol my bad.. let me rephrase


michael jackson was a good guy, king of pop, we will miss him

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The loss of Michael Jackson is sincerely tragic, despite the shit that he was accused of in these last few years ( which i feel was just a couple of racist pricks trying to make a pretty penny by exploiting Michael's controversial life style and choices, I'll never believe that he was guilty ). The man overcame racial adversities and completely changed the face of Music and Media. He won so many awards, both for his talents as an entertainer and for being genuinely an amazing person, and he deserved them all. I really wish people ( the media in particular ) had not been so determined to make the last 8 years so miserable for him, but I know that he is in a happier place now ( I'm not trying to be religious, but I'm sure wherever he is now is better than the hell he had to go through).


R.I.P. MJ, you will always be loved, remembered and missed.


And no, i didn't forget Farrah. She was an amazing actress, and she too will be greatly missed. RIP

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