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  1. I know I used to be pretty good about going on the underdog team. :-)
  2. It says I'm sending "Invalidate" information, after a "server disconnect for unknown reason" - every time I load ET and try to play. I'm not sure what is causing this. Happens on Jaymod1 and Jaymod2. I'm able to get on other servers.
  3. I hold out hope that a medic will save me.
  4. While I appreciate the sentiment, I've actually been a member since 2009!
  5. Only ET players would probably have any memory of me I thank you for the kind words!
  6. Good to see things are going well. I missed this place.
  7. Bring back my beloved Vsays and I'll admin the hell out of that server.
  8. Well thanks for the kind words. I hope to be popping in a little more on the regular now.
  9. I'm glad to see F|A is alive and kicking still. Always here when I want to relive the glory days of W:ET. So much has gone on in the last couple years. And then I look at my join date. 2009. Man, it has been quite a journey :-P
  10. Zechs Merquise aight, nice pic and name . Or would you prefer Milliardo Peacecraft :P

  11. I actually came on today because I was thinking of the vsays and how funny they were. I hope they return!
  12. Maybe he gets really into the game when he's on the Axis team. This game is a world war 2 game after all :-)
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