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Enable adrenaline for F|A Recruiting XP Save?

Terror Time

Adrenaline enabled on F|A Recruiting XP Save?  

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  1. 1. Adrenaline enabled on F|A Recruiting XP Save?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe

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I think it would work a lot better, seems that without adrenaline there are all the problems with rifle grenades and the simple fact that allies some maps just will not attack as they should.


For instance on Oasis, 99% of the time from what I've seen is Axis gets stacked up because everyone knows that usually Allies will not attack and thus mean allies will be pretty much spawn trapped. This happens a lot on the Oasis map I see.


Also maybe it will help Axis on Goldrush which for them, is just a spawn slaughter for 30 minutes for them most of the time. They are mortared, arty'd and shot the shit out of from all sides. Maybe with adrenaline they would stand more of a chance of being able to get out of the spawn.


The standard ET settings is adrenaline enabled anyway, so if the server has a Panzer, 2+ mortar and poison etc., I think that you should enable adrenaline.


I see some people will be worried about rambo medics, but adrenaline is available in all clases so long as you get the medic level 4.


Hope you guys all agree and we can get a slightly faster moving, fairer game on the server. :D



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I disagree. Before it(adrenaline) existed we had what most might find hard to believe... teamwork. Most may not remember when the first ET came out, it was about players with pure skills (no adrn). Across the board everyone was equally matched. Adrenaline, for me, takes the fun away from the game. First try getting on vent and talking to your teammates to somehow push the axis back. Other players act as if, if they die they will never re spawn. If everyone pushes forward the axis can't hold them all back.



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poll fail. :lol:



My vote is no.. we have adre enabled F|A #2 XPSAVE FOREVER 64 slots,


now have 30 slots free; go and have fun :P

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All you have asked for is on F|A 2. I can make changes on F|A 2 if you have some desires/suggestion/thought for it and if everyone likes it. Their is a reason why we provide 5 ET servers with different game play and different maps.


If you have any suggestions for F|A 2 we can always look into it as per people choice. :thanks

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