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  1. Hottie's back

    ohh Dare FA will be always my first love ; )
  2. Hottie's back

    nope sorry
  3. Hottie's back

    Hi guys. Maybe some of you know and still remember me ... Anyway I'm Hotstepper, Polish girl.. I'm really sorry for my abscence - boyfriend school you know... I didnt have any time for even surfing the net but now ive got some to play ET and visit this awesome forums.
  4. :)))))))))))))))

    HI again just want to say hello and apologise for my absence I had lots of personal problems and illness everything f***ed up but now its fine again watch out here comes the hotstepper
  5. BumbleBee on ET is now PotHead

    wow she is so hot
  6. best players on server

    lol Im just panzer queen
  7. What do people whine about most in ET?

    the best is Panzer noob get skills pussy each time they say that using panzer is more and more funny for me
  8. hi ;)

    just wanna say that im back on forums i posted same topic about year ago but i will one more time Im Caroline Im 17 from Poland I have played on FA since December 2008 now im playin on Etpub and hardcore I <3 sport ( especially basketball) good music c-walk movies and PANZER ( lol i know .. my english sux ;P)
  9. where you from?

    17 P®oland
  10. hello ;)

    i usually play on ETPub you can find me also on xfire - karolus21
  11. hello ;)

    Im back after my absence. I havent played since June beacuse i had broken hand but now I can play again;) Have fun see you on servers
  12. absence

    haha thanks Mexi <3 im goin at the seaside in Poland
  13. absence

    Im going on holiday tomorrow i will be back on 7th August take care and have fun cya <3
  14. Funny screenshots from our server!

    i saw it too but when i came back then it dissapeared
  15. Favourite movie :P

    Forrest Gump Green Mile Cast Away Gladiator and all parts of Lord of the Rings