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Diablo II Resurrected


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The new d2R looks great from the pictures I've seen online so far! Hope to join soon! 

(some Mods I've seen in pcgamer for d2r https://www.pcgamer.com/best-diablo-2-resurrected-mods/ )


Right now I'm throwing down in single player Diablo 2 Version 1.14d. 


Paladin Level 90 - Hell @ /players5 difficulty. Just defeated Diablo. Baal is next... then some Cow level 😄  🐄🐄🐄


Some of my gear atm....


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Sooooooooooo long story short , i been in queue for 1h30 sunday , played a bit and  i finally made it to hell . 


Seems like every basic monsters are cold immune lol , soo i died in the cimetary and lost all my gears .  Thennnnn (that s where the fun begin )  died 20+ more times trying to gey my gear back , got into an argument with my GF cuz it was dinner time and there was no way i could leave my stuff there ... died an other 10 times++++  .  I was on that tight point where i was about to punch in my laptop screen and broke to piece the whole thing .....  then i rage quit before i burn the place down . 


Had such a great time 

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