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Good afternoon everyone!


With Euro 2021 just around the corner I reminisced about creating predictions and battling it off against friends and I thought why not do that again?


So I created a pool on the site that I found was the most easy to enter, easy to understand. You can join the prediction game here:



Game rules:

- Predictions can be made until the start of the match(es). Bonus questions are to be filled in before the start of the tournament.

- The result to predict is the result after 120 minutes. Penalties will not be taken into consideration, those matches will be considered a draw.



- You receive 4 points for guessing the exact score

- You receive 3 points for guessing the right goal difference

- You receive 2 points for guessing the right winner (or tie)


Let's have some fun and start predicting!


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1 hour ago, Kaasschaaf said:

Great initiative! I'll fill in my predictions later this week.


Is it maybe okay if I send it too 2 friends? :)(Not on the forum)


Of course, the pool is public to everyone

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Did you guys watch Denmark - Finland? Eriksen collapsed on the field and have been reanimated. Hopefully he will be okay ❤ :(


Update: FIFA states that he is luckily being stable. 

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It was horrible to see. 😢  They should have put on a blank screen or move back to the studio or whatever. Awful to show footage of him fighting for his life. I couldn't watch it 😭

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Just now, Leatherface said:

Eriksen is  ok, he recived some cpr and he is at the hospital right now... and his awake :-9


Yeah just saw the news coming in; that's amazing! I'm so relieved for him being okay. ❤

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