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Started playing ET when I was around 6 years old and only knew Shit about FPS or computers. 21 now and I'm still coming back to this Gem but I never optimized my Settings. Are there commands/scripts I should have in my Config? Some knowledge would be pretty nice.




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I play at 800x600 at 85fps and it works fine for me. What I did was just set everything to default max settings using the option for it in-game, disabled light flares, set fov to 110, brightness to 2 and r_primitives 2. I think that's pretty much my config besides a class switcher and a couple of binds. Oh and blood off cause it's annoying af.


There isn't some magic config that you can just load up and then you're sorted, your config should be what you find is best for you and that varies from person to person. It's best to adjust your config while you're in-game so you don't have to keep going in and out every time you change something. You can do everything in the in-game console and have it save in your config.


I see you play on Jay2 and that's my main server too. I play with an orange name with an ! at the end so if you see me on the server you can feel free to ask me any config questions you have like cvar names, how to change X etc. and I'll help you out.

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8 hours ago, FILIPE said:



Playing around with cfg and etconfing is a waste of time. You enter the game and type in the various commands in console. If you change computer you move the game in its entirety. Either burn to a disc as a backup or to a flash drive.


Technical settings


1. The Id Tech 3 engine runs best at 125fps. Neither less nor more. At higher fps a so-called teleportation occurs. As a result of teleportation you will experience lower fps.


/com_maxfps 125


2. Second thing will be resolution. I don't know what monitor you have and what version of the game. (2.60b or ETLegacy)

If you have a 2.60b version of the game then there are no large resolutions for widescreen monitors in the standard settings.


/r_mode -1

/r_customwidth 1920

/r_customheight 1080



3. Some large custom maps may require a higher value to hunkmegs to run. For servers with lots of slots, you may also have to raise hunkmegs.


People set different values. Higher values than 128: 192, 256, 512, [...]

If you set it to 128, some maps will throw you off. A value of 256 is more than enough.


/com_hunkmegs 256


Visual settings


1. You can set the viewing range for yourself.


90 is the standard value. You can increase it by 10 and adjust it for yourself.


/cg_fov 90


You can change other settings in the game settings.


Settings from the desktop


1. Quickly connect to the server. Create a game shortcut. Open properties. In the "shortcut" tab of the target item, type:





"C:\GAMES\Enemy Territory - Legacy\etl.exe" connect


You do not need to write the port (:27960), as various server hosters offer in their contract offers not to write the port for an additional amount.

hunk zone and sound megs must be set in your load perimitter line or they wont change. there is quit a few visual things that will help u .. just like el! said  hit me up on the server and we can help u no problem. 

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there is a folder with cfg samples in our forum somewhere and plenty if you ask the google. Other than that, it's pretty much like others said, ask for help and tweak ur setup to you.

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He is using Etl, it's so few cars from 2.60b arnt working. 

I suggest yot open console and rype on /writeconfig name. cfg. Then u gave a cfg file which u can edit

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That depends on what you are looking to accomplish. 


Mess with sensitivity and see what you like. Id get rid of muzzle flash. Mess with your cruzor see what you like. 


Practice head shots. Practice proning, crouching and try to move in unpredictable ways. I like to be soldier and try to frag  with a real weapon like Thompson, for practice unless stronger players join then you'll probably want to  be a medic. They will probably be medic too. Dual pistols, fg42  or sten are also good to practice with. 




If all else fails, the game has objectives. Get out a pair of pliers and have fun. Communicate with team and hopefully they aren't clueless about the obj.



If you use adren ignore the crybabies. 



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