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  1. I voted but I've got no idea what the point of this is. Most people that play on jay 2 don't visit the forums, they just want to play. Removing a feature like adrenaline would cause us to lose a lot of regulars.
  2. Medics using adrenaline on an adrenaline server???? What's next engineers constructing and field ops giving ammo??
  3. I think that tweaking things like the rate of fire and recoil of the FG42 isn't an option unfortunately .
  4. I personally don't like using it because of how broken it is. It's just not challenging or fun when it's so easy. You think this is tiring for you? We've been trying to explain the same point to you over and over about it being overpowered but you're not understanding it. Even a [dd] is using the FG42 lmfao. Then maybe you should trust what I have to say regarding the difficulty of weapons and consider that maybe I know the difference between an overpowered weapon and a regular one. Myself, Avagantamos, Dasp and Phantom have said the same thing in the past 2 hours regarding the FG42.
  5. This is a stupidly overpowered weapon. 54 accuracy overall, 2:1 headshot ratio. Fragger by a very large margin in 2/3rds of the time. This weapon takes no skill at all to use which is the reason this topic exists. @PHNTM
  6. Okay maybe I should have phrased it as: no medic would waste their time medpacking before adrenalining if they could go out and kill. In the screenshot you so generously provided, Allies spawn miles away from where the action is so there is time to do that before getting to the objective. Maybe I'll go back to my Trash nickname and play FG for a bit then.
  7. No medic would waste their time healing to full health when they respawn because they can't use adrenaline. Reload with FG42 takes like a second. 4 Headshots max. It is easy to handle. Like I said, I got fragger and by quite a margin when I was drinking heavily one night. I don't think you appreciate just how easy of a weapon it is. I refuse to touch the weapon because it's brokenly overpowered with anyone that uses the 'move fast to get kills' playstyle. What did I do? My initial suggestion would've been to limit it by percentage of people playing, maybe like 40%. Like I said, this wouldn't have worked. I was actually agreeing with you that limiting covies was a bad idea so have no idea why you took it so personally. If you want to continue this discussion I'd be happy to do it over Discord but I don't know if you've still got me blocked for whatever reason. The main issue, in my opinion, is that we can have so many FG42s on the same team. Going against more than one adrenalined FG42 at a time is suicide because of the rate of fire. You can take on an adrenalined group of medics and have a chance of winning the fight because SMGs don't shoot nearly as fast. I can't find a solution to this problem and I'm not convinced one exists.
  8. As I said previously, the meta is just to let yourself die after a few kills so that you respawn with full ammo (I think 170 bullets total) and full charge so you can adrenaline straight away. I'm strongly against this, I definitely think we should do a poll before we make such a major change.
  9. It's set to a max of 30 players right now, with some testing I've found this includes specs. That's 15v15 worst case scenario which personally I think is fine, usually it'll be a max of ~12v12 though. I enjoy Purefrag with a lot of targets so I don't have to go hunting for people. What would you suggest? I disagree completely but let's leave that there cause it seems it's only going to start an argument. If you re-read my post I said MOST FG users, not all. But, if you want to disprove what you think I'm saying and get a k:d ratio of 4:1 or better on a full server then feel free try. Regardless, what I said is the current meta that many people see on the server and the problem we're talking about. Usually the team with the highest fragger is the winning team. You can go for kills and still help your team so long as you're not one of those people that just camp in the same place all game. You can't expect to win the game as the attacking team without getting kills cause that's just stupid. Explain please. I presented limiting the number of covies as a potential solution and showed the problems that would bring. Not sure why you took that point to heart considering I said it wouldn't solve the problem.
  10. No it absolutely does not. I played with it one night when I was pretty drunk on a full server and still got fragger. It's an easy weapon - especially with adrenaline. There's no skill involved: Use adrenaline, fly across the map at 100mph, hold lmb for 3 seconds, press R and repeat. I could not stop laughing at just how easy it was to play. The spread is easy to control if you fire in bursts but there's no point cause when you're drenned the best thing to do is get close enough for spread to not be a factor and you've instantly won the fight cause of the fire rate. I already made suggestions to DD to nerf it in a private message, this is what I said: Maybe limiting the number of covies in a team wouldn't be such a bad idea but the more I think about it, the more I don't really want it to change. Limiting covies would also limit the number of stens and k43s/garands and those do take skill to play. I don't see this helping to be honest. Most FG users just do what I said above and get 4-5 kills and then die. When they die their charge goes back to being full so they can just adrenaline straight away again. It's also the reason why limiting the number of adrenaline uses per life wouldn't work. I think all this would do is hinder objective players that use satchel and smoke grenades for team play. I really don't see a solution to the problem. The FG42 is good for killing groups of campers but when there's multiple of them on a team with a cramped map, they're far worse than a group of medics could be. I'd also like to add that removing adrenaline is just silly. It's what Jay2 is popular for and it's why I play there. I love playing fast FPS games like classic modded Doom and Jay2's settings are wonderful to play with. We have plenty of servers without adrenaline so why change Jay2?
  11. I'll look into this cause I'm having a lot of issues on Jay2 at the moment. Is it possible it's due to a Windows update or something? I've seen a lot of people having the same problem recently. My knowledge on networks is just 'they're magic' but this tutorial was great, thanks guys.
  12. Could get a club going for it @daredevil?
  13. ElEl

    NQ hit detection

    I've noticed issues with NQ too and I've just written it off as the mod having bad hitboxes so I don't play on that mod.
  14. Small update to the rotation: Removed madbunker due to negative score and waypoints being broken. Removed Decay temporarily due to no waypoints and some kind of issue with spawn points not being set? Increased minimum player count for Haunted mansion from 8 to 14. Increased minimum player count for F|A Oasis from 0 to 22 to hopefully make rushing the map more difficult. Reduced maximum player count for Purefrag from 40 to 30. I've edited my previous post here to reflect the changes: Gonna save adding new maps until I do a new rotation and have tested maps people have previously suggested.
  15. How about having a subsection for each server? Would that work well or is it too much changing it now/a bit overkill? Could make each admin on that server a moderator of just that section, server suggestions and complaints could go in the right place so admins know if it happened on their server and need to get involved etc. I can see quite a few upsides to it.
  16. supplydepot2, 0, 64, et_beach, 0, 52, adlernest, 0, 36, kerkyra, 14, 52, fa_bremen_final, 0, 64, caen2, 0, 52, fa_oasis_b2, 22, 64, et_mor_pro, 0, 64, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, warbell, 22, 52, school, 0, 36, flame-guards, 20, 64, haunted_mansion, 14, 52, fa_italy_b3_fixed, 0, 64, frostbite, 0, 36, river_port, 20, 64, teuthonia_final, 0, 64, fa_temple, 22, 50, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 36, UJE_fueldump_cp, 22, 52, pirates, 0, 30, baserace, 0, 40, venice_ne4, 0, 52, purefrag, 8, 30, #May 9th Removed El #madbunker, 20, 40, #decay_b6, 20, 52, #May 4th Removed El #oasis_eu, 0, 64, #beerrun_b7a, 0, 32, #bremen_final, 0, 42, #bba0-beta2, 24, 64, #italyfp2, 0, 52, #praetoria_m2, 32, 64, Any issues please let me know ASAP.
  17. Madbunker is a bit small and has broken waypoints if I remember correctly. Will also put that on - maybe 12-20? Wouldn't appear too often as we already have a frag map, what do you think? Gauntlet I forgot to test last time you mentioned it, sorry about that. Do you have a link to the map handy? I get home from work in 7 hours but didn't sleep at all last night so not sure if I'll be dead or not by the time I can get to my pc. Gonna have to find a time early morning tomorrow to do it as there are a few pk3s I need to delete from the server and I need to turn it off to do that.
  18. Will replace Bremen with the F|A version too then. Thanks for the suggestion.
  19. ET Bremen? Do you mean F|A or a different version?
  20. I'm thinking of taking a break soon so it'll be good to have someone take over for me while I'm gone. I've asked Daredevil to set it up so that it resets once a month and keep an archive, I think he said it would be the first of every month but it doesn't look like it's been happening for some reason. Could you check please @daredevil? Marrakech Night I think had the worst score of all maps when I removed it a few months ago, will need to check but I do remember it being quite negative. Do you know of any other versions that we could try? Hydrodam could work, will add it to the list, thanks.
  21. This is the most up to date rotation, sorry I forgot to make the post when I took out the negative scoring maps a couple weeks ago. supplydepot2, 0, 64, oasis_eu, 0, 64, beerrun_b7a, 0, 52, et_beach, 0, 52, bremen_final, 0, 42, adlernest, 0, 36, caen2, 0, 52, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, bba0-beta2, 20, 64, warbell, 0, 52, school, 0, 36, praetoria_m2, 14, 64, italyfp2, 0, 52, haunted_mansion, 8, 52, frostbite, 0, 36, teuthonia_final, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 36, pirates, 0, 30, purefrag, 8, 40, baserace, 0, 52, #April 14th Removed El bergen, 0, 52, tankbuster, 8, 52, password2, 8, 52, tc_base, 0, 52, I'm going to leave what I'm thinking of doing for the rotation here for a day or two before I put it on the server. From suggestions and map scores this might be what I end up doing: + F|A Italy F|A Oasis Flameguard (With 14,64 as it's a large map and can replace Praetoria) Venice Fuel dump (Maybe fuel dump revenge instead of the snowy one?) River Port (Again with 14,64 as it's quite large) MLB Temple (Another large map, maybe make this one 20,64? Have to keep an eye on this one as I know it has issues with MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS) F|A Temple F|A Bremen - Italy - Replacing with F|A version Oasis EU - Replacing with F|A version Praetoria - Replacing with Flameguard and River Port bba0 - Very divisive map and I've heard a lot of people leave when it comes on Bremen - Replacing with F|A version I don't think there's a need to remove Caen, School or Pirates, they all have decent scores at the moment and I know School ends up filling the server when it's on. The other two I was thinking of removing were Beerrun and Warbell but leaving them on for another couple weeks couldn't hurt. What do you guys think? Any version of Radar is just hated on Jay2, I've tried all of them and they always end up negative within a couple days of me putting them on the server. Rommel also didn't do too well last time it was on the server so I've left it out but if you want me to I can try put both on again @von Rantala? The map stats have been reset now so I can start from fresh and get a better idea of what's hated and what's liked. Let me know what you guys think to this rotation - if there's anything I've missed or anything you want adding before it goes live.
  22. How to massage a cock:
  23. Wow you love HC @notellenPage

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