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When teams are uneven who moves?


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IMO I think F|A members need to move, firstly to keep the whining to a minimum and to keep the game moving along.  With the quick spawn times people want quick action!  I mean who do you move anyway?  Engineers might have planted a lot of mines and they are a key role in any map.  The panzer guy will quit if you take it off him, half the time it's the only way they can get a kill. Flamers are vital in some maps for defense so really there is only medics and coverts left.  To save arguments and to keep the server friendly I think F|A members move.  I could name a few who are quick to type teams2! when they are down a team mate but slow to notice when their team is ahead but I won't.  I could name another member who used to always move others off allied so he could stay allied but I wont say his name.  I get some prefer allied and other prefer axis for a variety of reasons and often when you move those particular players they play poorly for that team.  Generally Axis is defense and there are strategies for that as with Allied they are attacking so you need aggressive players who are not bothered about their KR.  


So as I was saying, easier if a F|A member moves to save debate and hurt feelings lol  Plenty of good admins do this anyway just wish it was a standard rule for all :)  I'm flexible when I'm keen to play, other times I am literally just killing time and am probably tired and cant be bothered defending as it requires focus and attention.  Plus as a non clan member I have zero power or say so I just bring it to the forums and let democracy/people have their say.


Thanks for reading, have a good one.

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 we try to move first yes but us moving isnt always what evens the teams.!!! it is actually a rule .. read the wiki. we are supposed to as admins and trial admins move first.  i see it like this ...... most people are between age of 17 too 48  full grown ass men.. is it really that hard to push tabs key go to weaker team. the people who stack or only play one side or go to stronger team .. we notice right away. and they should be the  first to move. 


there is alot more two it then just numbers. bottom line  no ones perfect ,  we as admins believe it or not actually come to play the game also and not sit there an police the server. i myself as being a admin in et for over 14 yrs of my time in et. notice alot of people want to be admins . but never do anything but play the game..  first rule to being a admin any where in et  is its not about u anymore! 

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Hi Zee,
I play with you frequently on sil1 :)
I understand what your saying but that decision is not down to me (regarding FA members)
But as a server admin it is my job to help keep the teams balanced or by even moving myself to the opposite team i always do try my best to keep the teams balanced and fair.
I always keep a close eye on teams when i am active playing ET

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Hello, Zee, and thank you for your comments about balancing teams. I am a trial member who resides mostly on Jay2. I agree with you, FA Admins should move first because that is leading by example. I think @captnconcrete best describes how we try to keep things balanced by moving first. As a general rule of thumb, I check the team numbers every time that I spawn by using the "tab" key. I also keep track of the scores (/scores). 


Players come and go, or they go spec, and wait for a spot to open. Teams change frequently. Sometimes number balance does not matter when one team is stacked with good players and the other is not. Usually, kills/deaths tell the story of balance more than the number of players on each team. Last night for example on one map, I let a map move forward with Axis having 5 players, while the Allies had 7 players. Axis had almost two times the number of kills to the Allies. Teams were unbalanced in this way but not in the number of players. 


In the end, balancing teams is not easy. Like Cap said, we know  

51 minutes ago, captnconcrete said:

 the people who stack or only play one side or go to stronger team .. we notice right away. and they should be the  first to move.

But when we move them, they go spec, join the other team or leave. These types of players are not objective orientated and do not play as a team. 


I appreciate your team and objective oriented comments. We really try to keep game play as balanced and fair as possible. We are human beings and make mistakes. We also are gameplayers, so we may miss things. Be patient if you can and give the admins a chance. You can always send a PM to an admin and ask if they can try to balance the teams, or help by moving. Thank you!

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Hello, I think that all the admins must follow the rules, there are also good players who themselves realize that there is a lot of difference between the teams and they change themselves. There are many ways to even , we can PM a skilled player to see if he agrees to move to the other team.
But fundamentally it is always checking / scores, and the main ones to look out for are kills, deaths and efficiency. This difference (according to wiki and wiki members) must be less than 60 or 70 percent (always approximate), when increase that difference, we must do something. Not always, the difference of 2 or 3 players means something or we have to intervene. A player can ask some admin (who perhaps did not realize), when there is this big difference to intervene.

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