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Read and study the W:ET Admin guide very carefully. It contains the whole set of rules which the founders of our clan lay down for us to maintain on the servers. If you follow these rules, you will never be in the wrong as an admin, so know these by heart. Also, these rules are not set and fixed, they are open to interpretation. If you want to be updated with the rules as fast as possible, you'll want to 'watch' that page (this is done by clicking the 'Watch' button on the top right), so you are updated of any rule changes immediatly. There are a few extra things that I wish to add that I believe will provide a useful addition to a new admin's knowledge.

  • Our gold rule - If issue can be solved with !warn or verbal warn why !mute? If it can be solved with !mute, why !kick? If !kick can solve the issue, why !ban?

Make a habit of checking the teams

New members often don't have the reflex to check how even the teams are. It's a must if you want to grow towards being a better admin. Use idle moments (like moments you're gibbed and waiting for respawn, moments where you've just exited a fight and are in a safe spot ...) to press the TAB key to check the teams. Try not to focus on the number of players though, but rather on the quality of the players in each team. If you are new to a server and you don't know the regulars and their qualities well, there are some other ways to see how even the teams are.

  • The K/D ratio is supported by TAB in some of the mods, this is a very good indication of how good a player is.
  • The TAB key also reveals how much experience each team has earned. Whilst this is not a solid indicator, it can provide some clues. If you see axis earned 450xp and allies 1000, it's safe to assume that the allied team is overpowering the axis team and that you should move to the axis team. Check this number every 5 minutes and try to see the difference with last time, this is a general indicator of how well each team has been doing the last 5 minutes.
  • The /scores command lists the damage dealt and damage taken for each player, as well as the total for a team. Whilst this is again not a solid indicator, it can indicate when allies are just suiciding in a wall of axis camping and should incline you to move to the allies team.

If you play on the server a lot and you even teams fast, regulars will respect you for that. There will also be a portion of regulars that will be willing to even out the teams. Remember their (clan) names and suggest them for receiving an admin level on the server.

Use your wit to solve situations on the server, not your admin commands

First of all, be observative when you are on the server. Keep an eye on the general chat. If you have been in an intense situation for a while, press alt+[open console button] to get a full-screen console so you can read up in a few seconds. It is important that you are observative because the earlier a problem is detected, the easier it is to deal with it.

   Player2: (jumper) I did it. Don't play such a weapon if you don't want that to happen, noob.
   Player1: You should speak running medic faggot. f*** off.
   Player2: Lol, stfu noob

Now would be a good time to intervene. A single line of bitching is ok, but when you see an argument like this arise, it's not that hard to kill it before it even started. Don't !mute. Don't threaten to !mute. Just say something that will make the involving players realise it's just a silly thing to argue about. Something like "Alright guys, shut it. We all know I have the biggest e-penis around here so stop waving your dicks at eachother". Things like this will most likely solve the problem. If it doesn't, feel free to !warn the bitches. And if that doesn't work, !mute for 10m. It's important to talk first and use commands only when talking fails. These situations can best be solved by making everyone walk away without having their pride hurt. We want our FA servers to provide everyone with a positive experience.

When you get insulted, don't overreact

This is the internet. You're bound to get insulted once in a while. There is one golden rule you should follow when you are being insulted: don't feed the trolls. If you go !muting insulters or react to them offensively, they know they can get to you and will come back for more when they have the chance.

   Player1: Wtf look at teams here admins are shit on this server.
   Me: Calm down mate, shit happens. We'll get right on it.
   Player1: You're one to say, you only play panza. Noob.

Don't react, try to bypass his insult by defusing it. Say something like "Lol what's wrong with you man, you having your period or something?". There's really no reason to be offended by some random player. Be sure of yourself and of your quality. Don't let anyone on the internet knock you off your feet.

A spectator sees 10x as much

Last suggestion: as a new admin, try to spectate a few maps. If you see the server is very crowded and there's a map coming up you don't really like and there is no other admin in spec, feel free to join the spectators and see what you can pick up by following the happenings on the server more closely. Playing spectator is also a good way to bind with players. Let's say there's a cool player on that doesn't really play/talk much, follow him and when something exciting happens, say 'LOLOLOL [player], that's was awesome how you did that" or when he gets pwned in a funny way (goomba or so), say something similar. Don't just kiss his ass :P.

Demos, screenshots and condumps

These three are the holy trinity of evidence collecting.


A demo is a 'replay' of a gaming session. So when you demo a player, you can re-watch the movements of that player (and any other player online at that time on the server) when you load the file with ET. Each different mod has a seperate directory for their demos (each time the directory demos/ ). Important: only .dm_84 and .dm_83 files are valid as proof. Don't take a demo or video using xfire or anything of that sort. Use the demo functionality that is provided in-game.

How to take a demo: Hit F12 when you are playing (or spectating) and it will start recording a demo with an automatically generated filename like '2011-01-26-161741-et_beach.dm_84'. Another way is to type into the console '\autorecord' or '\record [filename.dm_84]'. Whenever you want the demo to stop, type '\stoprecord' into the demo.

Note: Don't type '\demo' into the console! This is the command to re-watch a demo and will log out of the server if you are playing!

How to watch a demo: Place the demo in the appropriate /demos/ folder (jaymod if it's a demo made in jaymod, noquarter for NoQuarter 1.2.3, nq for NoQuarter 1.2.9). Now load up said mod in enemy territory. There is a menu button called 'replays' that will provide you a list of all the demos this mod can find. Click the name to watch the demo. Alternative way: use the '\demo [demoname.dm_84]' command in the console when in the right mod.


A screenshot is an image of what was exactly showing at the screen. These are stored in the folder /screenshots/ of the mod.

How to take a screenshot: Use F11 or type \autoscreenshot, \screenshot [name], \screenshotJPEG [name] in the console.


A condump is a text file representing what was in the console history. When you are making a report on the forum about a player and you are used to taking screenshots of stats (like !finger or \pb_alist), use condumps instead! Text files are searchable by the forum engine so relevant information about the player (like the GUID) can be searched and relative topics can be found easily. Condumps are stored in no particular folder. When you make a condump, a text file will be created in the current mod's directory.

How to make a condump: Use the command '/condump [text.txt]' in the console.

Note: Condump textfiles can be opened with notepad, but the text is not very comprehensible when using notepad. I suggest using wordpad or notepad++.


1. It is advisable to use shuffle during warm up. i.e. if we have 40 sec warm up, use !shuffle on 30th second of warm up i.e. player still got 10secs to choose player classes and on 30th sec you will notice most of the players would have been connected.
2. Never ever shuffle during mid time of map. i.e. If map is around 10th min, shuffling is bad idea 90% of time because players have to play same map again from start on mods where we don't have option of !shuffle without restart.
3. Always shuffle every 2-3 maps if teams are uneven. Example on Map 1A teams are even by 70% then during map start i.e. Map 2B, shuffle during warm up. Never ever shuffle during intermission since player's changes after map has ended. i.e. new players would join during next map, players would leave after map is over, etc etc. Always !shuffle during warmup.
4. If teams are uneven by 6 players then it's advisable to move yourself and ask help for others. If no one moves, spam the bind, please balance the teams are admin would be force to use !shuffle. Teams might go +-6 during mid map, if any team crashed out due to map issue or network issue (this one happens rarely). No point in playing with completely jacked up teams.
5. Never ever shuffle once 70% of map time is over. Doesn't make sense. Suck up the defeat by moving yourself and ask others to help out. Next map !shuffle during warmup.
6. Don't "continuously" penalize players for changing teams. Let's be real, not everyone will play in same team/allies/axis all time. 10% of players would always move. As long as that move doesn't cause imbalance again, don't be uptight about it. Let players move if they want to but if you think teams would go worse again or it will become bad like previous map then by all means be uptight for current map. Use your own logic. Point is to let players play as they wish but at the same time 80-90% of players should enjoy in both teams.

Useful commands

The following commands are very useful and if you haven't heard of them, I suggest you try them out.

   /weaponstats [slot number]
   /team [allies, axis, s]

To round up, I'd like to provide a general rule of thumb when dealing with situations you're unfamiliar in, =F|A= admins should

  1. !mute as little as possible
  2. !kick as little as possible
  3. !ban as little as possible
  4. use !warn appropriately before any other punishment
  5. If you solve the problem with !warn, why !mute? If !mute can solve the problem, why !kick? 
     If !kick can solve the problem why !ban? !ban is our last resort to keep our server in fun and enjoying environment. 

Use your wit and not your muscle to be an awesome stud on the server.