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  1. IMO I think F|A members need to move, firstly to keep the whining to a minimum and to keep the game moving along. With the quick spawn times people want quick action! I mean who do you move anyway? Engineers might have planted a lot of mines and they are a key role in any map. The panzer guy will quit if you take it off him, half the time it's the only way they can get a kill. Flamers are vital in some maps for defense so really there is only medics and coverts left. To save arguments and to keep the server friendly I think F|A members move. I could name a few who are quick to type teams
  2. Zee

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    Awesome thanks~!
  3. Zee

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    How can I change my Display name from "The Shadow" to just "Zee"? IF anybody with the power to do so reading this could you please change it, thanks.
  4. So normally when 1 team has say 4 players and the other team has 5 players for example there is a slot open for the team with less players so anyone who just joined knows which side to join instantly (though some admins expect you to check scores using /scores or to do some arithmetic and add up the KR's(though we all know they can easily be faked by knifing bots etc) or to check map progression, give me a break!! No wonder so many use an alias and !resetmystats so they can just play and not be bothered). Currently it does not matter how many are on a team the slots are staying even so it ha
  5. So yesterday I was playing ET on the Silent server where I always play and minding my own business, not talking and not causing any problems (of which I am guilty of in the past). The map was Caen, I had a 11 kill streak and playing for axis as a covert. I was on axis side of the bridge by the boxes and needed some ammo and health so headed back to spawn. Along the way I decided to drop my satchel by the wooden door and glass windows to blow them up (bit of an OCD thing where i like to shoot all chairs and break all glass). All pretty harmless stuff right? Well this is where it gets a lit
  6. Kai

    Hey fellow person from new Zealand

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