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my haX is betTer than youRs


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bugged stats @ warmup ;)


Damn it,stfu :P

its not warmup btw.....


759 kills and only 45 HS , dude , u can,t aim :D :D


Read topic title :P

its not my aim :P its aimbo0st that shoots on the legs xD

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yea i'm just a low at taking screenshots at fake/bugged stats :)


0 shots with 400 mp40 kills is nice to do. I'm just too low to fire my gun and get that many kills ;D

correct xD

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LOL those are warmup stats which go crazy.


I once got 750 kills or something like that with 200 acc.


All you have to do is check your stats during Warmup

look the pic,i have 500% acc with fg42 xD 3 shots 15 hits xD

and damn you and mccloud :@ you revealed my haCk :P


Then you should be Chuck Norris :D

somebody called me?:P

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