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Take a girl for this movie if it's so important for her. The relationship requires sacrifice because you do not want your girlfriend to go to this movie with someone else ... And what about the film...Will Smith as gin can be fun watching him in such role.

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I think if you dont like the movei you want to go to (eg its not your type) it is better to talk about it with her... but of course, you can ask us as well 😛

If you really dont want to see the movei for some reason, tell her, and she should understand it (if she wants you to enjoy yourself, not just herself and uses you for that reason)

If you are unsure if youd like the movie, then why not go, maybe you will like it, and you can also spend time with her doing something she likes :)

Maybe you could suggest her to watch another movie instead, that you would both enjoy. Or she also does something for you which she doesnt like as much (eg watch a horror movie or whatever) and for that you watch Aladdin with her.


If you are just interested about the movie, I didnt see it. You can look up info about it on IMDB for example, watch trailer, or if its online somewhere you could watch first 10 mins to decide if you want to watch it.


Hope I could help :)

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