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  1. I do recall calling a vote to skip the map but I don't remember how many players there were, besides if the server had 10-15 players in order for the map to skip they would've needed to vote yes because I don't have the level nor command !nextmap. Afk between maps meaning getting snack, using bathroom, changing tv channel etc. I don't think you seem to understand anytime I have called a next map vote it has been very early on in the map because we have a time limit from when the map starts that you can't vote to skip it. I can frag on any map whether i play obj or not and once again if the vote passes that means more player want to skip the map rather then play it. You say I flex my admin muscles yet I have never warned you, muted you, kicked you banned you etc so how exactly have I been flexing my admin muscles by using !finger & !aliases? please elaborate on that kind sir. Eager to hear the responses @memento mori
  2. Hey all sorry for the late response the only reason I voted to skip the map is because it was a huge map and like memento said there was a few amount of players. I voted to skip the map because it didn't make sense to play such a big map with mostly bots and I didn't think it was wrong to vote when other players obviously agreed to skip it as well. My understanding is that if you don't vote for a map during rotations due to afk, bathroom breaks, etc you are allowed to vote to skip the map because ofc its not only my vote that passes it which clearly means people were either afk or weren't paying attention to map votes. As for not playing obj that is my personal preference I play the game by the rules and respect my peers if I don't like to play obj I don't think I should be hounded for that. Memento seems to clash heads with me constantly because I don't play obj and I vote to skip a map which to me doesn't make sense. Going forward I will take the appropriate actions and mute or warn when he disrespects me etc & situations like this may of been avoided and that is my fault I should've took action. Kindly advise me if I am doing anything wrong which I don't believe I am. @CheepHeep @L3ftY. @Sleestak
  3. Hi All, I have been playing on HC and I recently realized that I am unable to see the countdown of the dynamite when my friendly engineers plant. Being that I am unable to see the countdown till it blows poor iCi to pieces this has happened to me quite a bit within the last two days. I would really appreciate if this gets fixed because it is causing unnecessary deaths along with tks. I am sure it is quite a simple fix....
  4. I love the thompson but I feel like i get more kills and headshots with the MP40 probably because of the higher recoil and the sten i need to get better with lol.... But id take the MP40 overall
  5. Happy Birthday F|A thanks @daredevil for the awesome servers!
  6. Welcome back thanks for sharing your story hope to see you on HC!
  7. Not sure if I ever played that version then but Beach is my favorite map so I am widdit!
  8. The Acting was great but I still think Heath Ledger was a better joker and the overall movie wasn't good in my opinion definitely isn't a 10/10 id say 4/10.
  9. Hey Komodo from Indonesia I heard it's a beautiful place welcome!
  10. Broncos vs Chiefs tonight who you got?

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