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Crevasse PE (Public Edition) / Final


Map for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory"




Axis facility build into the rocky depths of a crevasse in Germany.

Allies are attacking.



Allied Objectives:


- Transmit the Axis Documents.

- Steal the Keycard and use it to gain access to the Elevator Shafts.

- Build the Command Post to gain a forward spawn.

- Repair and fire the Anti-tank Gun to blow open the transmitter.


Axis Objectives:


- Stop Allies from transmitting the Documents.

- Defend the Keycard and stop the allies from using it to enter the Elevator Shafts.

- Stop the Allies from repairing the Anti-Tank Gun and firing it.




Axis : 30

Allies: 20






Dersaidin included recored trickjumps (using ETpro

trickjumplines) to show a couple of jumps, paths and things.

Trickjumplines require a recent ETpro to use.

See ETpro website or do /tjl_info for help.





Changes compared to Crevasse Beta 3:



+ Added tracemap

+ Added missing textures

+ Removed all unnecessary files from the pk3

+ Fixed spelling errors

+ Reworked command map

+ New levelshot

+ Anti-Tank Gun got a temperated skin (before: snow skin)

+ Better texture for Opel Blitz

+ Fake reflection for Opel Blitz windows

+ New textures and shader for water

+ Brighter texture for grass

+ More detailed texture for clouds

+ Other textures for camouflaged net, barrels, beds and trunk








Dersaidin : Original author of Crevasse (Beta 3)

Diego : Texture and shader for camouflaged net

Sid & Etch : Finished this map for public gaming

Wezelkrozum: Textures and shader for water





Additional Information:



Technically it's the same map as Crevasse Beta 3,

we enhanced the map a few bricks for public servers.


The bugged beta 3 is for "professional" wars, scrims,

matches, etc...

This fixed version is for public gaming. :-)


HF & GG!




BTW: If the original author of a map don't cares anymore

about his work and lets his map in a bugged beta stage,

then theres no reason for him to complain if others do

his job.