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Axis Flugscheibe (Beta 1) | Axis_Flugscheibe_b1.zip

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About This File

The Evil Axis Scientists have developed a UFO Fleet and plan to escape to outer Space to continue their Plan for Galactic Domination. But before they can make their way into the Galaxy they must make sure the Radar Tower is working properly and can open the Loophole to the right Dimension.

An Allied Special Unit has infiltrated the Facility and has orders to Destroy the Cargo onboard of one UFO and Jam the Radar Tower with some modified Radar Transmitter. To get Access to the Tower they must make their way into the Secret Base and switch on two Power Generators. When the Power Generators are working the Allies can insert the modified Transmitter and Jam the Tower.


Allied Objectives:


- Destroy the Main Gate to the Secret Base

- Destroy the Fence to the Secret Base

- Build the Assault Ramp

- Destroy the Rooftop Access

- Capture the Forward Spawn Location

- Build the Command Post Destroy the UFO Cargo

- Switch on Both Generators

- Insert the Transmitter into the Radar Tower




Axis Objectives:


- Defend the Main Gate

- Defend the Fence

- Dont let them Build the Assault Ramp

- Defend the Rooftop Access

- Defend the Forward Spawn

- Build the Command Post Destroy the UFO Cargo

- Dont let the Allies turn on both Generators

- Dont let the Allies Insert the Transmitter into the Tower