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  1. Canyon Depths beta 7

  2. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Either way, we can't see on your SS, last 5 maps can go.
  3. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    There's also the vanilla Goldrush 30m of madness and impossible to win with balanced teams. I think those 2 original rtcw are played when the server is most likely empty. But I believe is something to do with the map settings and server provider. Also when server crashes goes to vanilla Oasis, when used to be to Baserace. Ok it gets voted once in a while from players like Symfony. I think bottom 5 maps can go. Industry as well as is too big in space and time and with server full never gets voted. School + the already mentioned vanilla versions of Oasis and Goldrush. I see Italy as a coffe break, it shouldn't belong here but then again some players don't either. Possible new maps Erdenberg_b3 Password V2_Base TE Chartwell Berserk TE EDIT Karsiah TE was in the rotation not long ago but it didn't work, was hardly voted.
  4. HC

  5. ETpro servers!?

    Public ETpro servers ? Few and in EU. There are more but they are private and not hosted by F|A therefore you won't find the answer in the forums.
  6. ETPro public war meet ups

    Alright. One more try doesn't hurt. Can you add the Teamspeak IP ? Or we will use discord only? Voice Channel is 50% what makes ETPro sense.
  7. Supp Jotarata here (finally)

    I was hoping for an introduction in castellano... a bit let down. Anyways... Hi!
  8. ETPro public war meet ups

    We should set pass on one of those fa pro servers wether it'is in EU or US, otherwise peeps gonna end playin in another servers and players who gather often won't came easily. Like I said in the etpro nights annoucement more presence from members could be usefull.
  9. Hey guys this is Angel from jay1.

    Hi mate, nice to see you. Could you be more specific? Do you want a desktop or laptop? If you want a rig what things you valued most? Performance? Durability? Which parts do you have already that can be used? Like inputs and outputs. There's a lot of sites in US where you can assemble your own rig. Maybe you can do this and then share for opinions. With that budget with AMD you can have solid rig I believe.
  10. known et issues & solutions

    Great you have the time and patience to do this, kudos! I would like to add: 1. If console freezes ET or you can't type in console - delete .dat files from the folder of the mode you're playing. 2. For Linux users there's no ET minimizer - press CTR+ALT+ENTER than press console and click with mouse outside ET.
  11. So if you wanna reduce damage of engies rifle nades and nothing related to medic packs or even limit heals? Makes sense. I've seen allies succeed many times in Braundorf with excelent axis engies and good doctors. I don't see the point.
  12. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Yeah, we do need new maps, for X-mas maybe? I've recently seen School played twice. That map doesn't belong to HC, let alone NQ or Jay. The 5 maps added were a complete failure, except Decay. I wasn't expecting that about Warbell. It's a solid map, but I've feel some players don't know how to play it (without tj) or simply didn't like it at all. Can we have a poll, with all maps suggested, so this can be easily sorted? Password: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/415-password2-password2-v12pk3/ V2_Base TE: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/914-v2-base-te/ Chartwell: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/39-chartwell-chartwell-140pk3/ Berserk TE: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/282-berserk-te-berserk-tepk3/ X-Mas map EA XMas: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1578-ea-xmas/ -EDIT- To remove: Industry School Breakout Transmitter Teuthonia
  13. Et isnt starting anymore

    And even though I saw that update message. I thought I've seen the main issue being Server List. My bad. I leave my help here. Hope you can solve this.
  14. Et isnt starting anymore

    So you couldn't do a output from your console? I see you have ET Legacy installed. You need the 2 server masters: sv_master1 = etmaster.idsoftware.com sv_master2 = master.etlegacy.com These 2 command you can do in console. But since you can't handle with it: Why not try the normal ET from link provided by RendeL? EDIT Also, disable your firewall temporally and type this on console: \connect jay3.clan-fa.com:27960 Let's see how it goes.