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MAP: goldrush-gals ( Greater Access ) large server

Mod Author: RayBan


Original Map by SplashDamage.


This is a modified version of Gold Rush that allows greater access to

old and new area's while trying to maintain the stock look of the original map.

More improvements over the previous beta 2 version which include,


- More access to ledges throughout the map and not just the bank courtyard.


- New area's added, once again they remain secret's and i wont say where.


- Area at the entrance of the crawl-way near the command post can now be

mined under the bushes, this is to offset how easy is was before when the axis

coverts would use this route to blow the cp, now if they don't watch they can

crawl over a mine by mistake.

- One of the new area's added allows the allies another route into the bank, once

again though.. this route can be easily defended by the axis on larger servers.


- shutters that are in front of the new mg, plus access routes to axis spawn area,

plus the way to the command post, via the light tower are now shootable instead of

being able to open. once destroyed they are gone for the rest of the game.


- Most of the new doors that were added have now been changed to standard et doors,

with louder doors sounds to accompany them and they now swing both way's.


- Other changes include repairs to the original map that had some iffy brushwork and

removed and reclipped over 90% of the ceiling clip brushes. ( the changes to the brushwork

managed to drop the average windings down 14 meg from the stock compile time and lower vis

data... although... only mappers might appreciate that tech talk.. =) fps remains the same.


- new misc repairs where i found some sloppiness in mapping on my part, caulked area's are

no longer visible. other misc differences also.. to many to mention.


this version is intended to hopefully solve the issue of the error MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS when

the allies win on large servers up to 60 players.for smaller servers the previous version with

the elevators ( goldrush-ga ) still works fine.


Hopefully the average gamer who has played gold rush will not notice anything different as

that was the intention, to keep the map as original looking as possible and to stumble upon

some new area and say to themselves,

"i have played this map hundreds of times and never seen that before... "


Why did i do this??? because on larger servers up to 40 or more players, it's near impossible

for the allied team to win, and hopefully more greater access can improve their chances to win

at least 50% of the time, and personally i have always thought of goldrush as a death match map

and there's more humorous and ambush kill places in this one to make that happen.