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sp_delivery_te - sp_delivery_te.pk3 Final

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About This File

Download pk3 name: sp_delivery_te.pk3

Map name: sp_delivery_te.bsp


= General information =


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Custom multiplayer map


Name: Special Delivery TE

Version: Final

Filename: sp_delivery_te.pk3

Release date: 25.05.2008


Original map by: Apple & GW


Modified by: jump3r & eiM & Snake

E-mail: jump3r@enemyterritory.sk / aim4r@gmx.net

Homepage: http://community.eicher.tv


= Tools used =


GTK Radiant 1.5RC1 & GTK Radiant 1.4

Q3Map2 2.5.16



Adobe Photoshop CS



= Mapping resources used =













= Changes (sp_delivery2 -> sp_delivery3a2[not published] -> sp_delivery_te_a2) =



- completely reworked VIS structure

- VIS compilation!

- texture fixes, realigned textures

- more caulking

- better clipping

- brush fixes, fixed leakings

- fixed some minor z-fighting effects

- added coronas

- added a window near the trucks

- fixed buggy terrain under left and right destroyable wall

- added tracemap

- new, better levelshot

- removed short wait before endround



- fixed two texture leaks

- more detail brushes near the gold crates

- some small changes...



- fixed all corrupted brushes

- added lightnings

- added HINT brushes

- LIGHT compilation

- jumpdown near axis spawn/lift



- widened doors

- reworked gravetunnel

- made the alarm only sound once activated

- moved the truck & gold a bit

- fixxed the skybox near trucks

- added downstairs spawn for allies at flag

- axis autospawn at flag in beginning

- added bushes/wooden barriers in first stage

- respawntimes now: axis 30 / allies 20

- added some more lights



- fixed speaker announcements

- fixed autospawns

- fixed some broken brushes

- added some more lights

- changed the hole at the window of door controls

- fixxed the big stones

- set the axis spawn back to offices

- made spawntime 20/20 again



- fixxed several brushleaks

- highered the doors

- made the glasshole smaller

- edited clip at trains

- decreased intensity of lights

- added clips for some lights

- aligned some more textures

- spawntime 20/30 again =)

- added tunnel at first allies spawn (anti spawncamp)



- door controls button is now a constructible

- door controls room was made a bit bigger

- gold is now only takeable when the doors are opened

- fixxed some lightningbugs

- added etpro location informations (thx to antman)



- general fixxes

- 2nd part made bigger

- added light effect at window



- deleted light effect at window

- made golddoors stay open after first opening

- allies secure forward bunker after button construction



- deleted some railings behind tunnel

- tunnelfloor is not mine-able anymore

- fixxed spawnbug

- fixxed button-pushbug

- added clips for 2nd truck (got deleted somehow^^)

- fixxed the goldreturned soundbug



- fixxed a textureleak

- fixxed the doubledynamited & bugged east/west wall

What's New in Version Final


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