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Rushers 11 (Beta 2) - ruhers11_b2.pk3

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Download pk3 name : rushers11_b2.pk3

Map name : rushers11_b2.bsp


The Allies have to Rush the Gizeh City and Destroy the Axis Generator before the Allies start their Air Attack. The German Afrika Korps has to be stopped from threatening the vital British supply line across the Suez Canal.






- Construct the Bridge.

- Escort the tank to the Depot2.

- Destroy the Axis Generator.

- Infiltrate through the Depot1 gate.

- Capture the Forward Depot1 from the Axis. Keep the attack rolling!

- Destroy the Bridg gate.

- Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post .




- Prevent the Allies from building the Bridge.

- Don't let the Allies Destroy the Generator.

- Prevent the Allies from Overtake Depot2.

- Prevent allied escorting the tank to the Bridge Gate.

- Defend the Depot1 from the Allies.

- Stop the Tank from reaching ther Depot2.

- Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post.


Additional information:


Type : Objective, Campaign, Stopwatch

Spawn Points : supports up to 32 players, 16 per side


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