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Citadel (Obj version) - citadel_obj.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: citadel_obj.pk3

Map name: citadel_obj.bsp


This is The Citadel (upload by Snake: http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/files/file/202-the-citadel-citadelpk3/),

but not a '5 flag capture' version, this is the objective version of the map.


Allies and axis still spawn in the same places,

but there now is a forward spawn that allies gain after completing one of the objectives.

In a first part of the map, they have to rob an ammo crate from a building and take it to the gun.

They can then activate the lever below the gun to fire it & break the citadel ammo building.

Once the gun is fired, a big gun shot will be heard and the citadel ammo building wall will be ripped open,

giving direct access to the ammo crates, which is the final objective.