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Quickie - quickie.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: quickie.pk3

Map name: quickie.bsp





Description: Assault The Evil Nazi Castle Quickenstein. Fight your way to the top of the castle tower and raise the American Flag and hold it for 45 seconds.


This map was made in a relatively short amount of time, about 2 weeks worth of work spanning over a month's time. It's not the most original map out there but it has it's touches.

This map contains a creative use of a capturable flag as a main objective. I thought what better way to capture a castle then to raise your flag over the top of it.





Destroy Main Gate

Capture Castle Flag


Secondary: Build the Command Post



Defend Main Gate And Castle Flag


Secondary: Build the Command Post/Defend it






Mapname: Quickie

Bspname: quickie


Author: Brent Alley (FrankieDuck)

Command Map by Scuba Duck


Number Of Players: Best for a 5 v 5 but can accomodate up to a 16 v 16, above that is not reccomended.



Thanks goes out to the people on the Splash Damage Forums for all their VERY imformative posts, They have done such a good job that I have never had to register. Thanks Search button. Also thanks goes to iffurita for his prefabs, they go a long way for filling up space in my empty rooms.


This Map was created by me (Brent Alley). Do not modify it in anyway shape or form. If you want to use something from the map please contact me. If you have any input, suggestions, bugs, compliments, and/or complaints contact me via email or make a post at the Duckclan Forums link above. Registration is required. Feel free to Make a new topic, you will not get yelled at.


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