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Rocketrun Final Fixed (1.0.1) - rocketrun_final_fixed.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: rocketrun_final_fixed.pk3

Map name: rocketrun_final_fixed.bsp





Allies must escort the tank to the axis base, get inside and destroy the rockets and tank barriers. and if possible capture

a forward spawn and setup a command post.


This is the first map i made,


nice objective stile map with some open area's and back way's




Objective allies:



1. Escort the tank to the axis base

2. Blow up the main gate (will also tigger side wall)

3. Blow up rocket depot defence

4. Blow up Axis rockets

**5. blow up tank barrier 1 and 2



6. capture the forward spawn

7. construct field command post

8. construct assault ramp


Objective axis:



1. prevent the tank from blowing up the main gate

2. construct tank barrier 1 and 2

3. prevent the axis rocket depot form flown up.



4. construct command post

5. destroy allied assault ramp and field command post







in console set /g_gametype 2

start with /map rocketrun_final



upload to your server

in your maprotation use the mapname "rocketrun_final"




map made by: Dante / 1869*_Flame





please do not try to edit this map without permission



play fair, have fun.

thank you.


made for and by ET gamers