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Ennepe Dam (Beta 3) - ennepedam_b3.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: ennepedam_b3.pk3

Map name: ennepedam_b3.bsp





Allies must destroy the Axis Anti-Aircraft guns and radio in arial support to destroy the dam.




This map has been something I have been working on for quite a while. Originally I

planned to release the map after I was sure it was close to perfect. This is pretty far

from perfect. Real life, data loss, and a lack of experience has lead to the realization, that

I'm not going to put out a perfect or even a good map until I'm the only one left playing ET.


In an attempt to compromise and do something to contribute something back to ET, and in an

attempt to not waste all those hours I took working on this map by never releasing, I've GPLed

the whole damn thing. See COPYING.TXT and GPL.TXT for more details, but basically other people

can change the map all they want in accordance with the license. So if the map is a good start,

feel free to suggest changes, maybe I will implement them if I have time, maybe someone else will,

maybe you can implement them yourself.


The map is based on the idea that allies are trying to break an axis dam to flood down stream

german industry. The allies need to use Airdropped bombs to break the damn, but the Axis have

two powerfull antiaircraft guns preventing them from doing this. Allies need to attack from

the bottom of the dam and dynamite both of the antiaircraft guns, then call in for air support.

Yes, airstrikes work, it's some kind of paradox, I know.


Allies have one spawn by default at the lower West of the dam. Axis have two available by default,

one on top of the middle of the dam and another beside the East gun. If allies blow the West gun,

Axis will lose the East gun spawn. Allies can hasten their way up the dam by building a command

post on the western middle of the dam, this will lower drainage grates in the interior of the dam allowing

quicker routes to the top. Allies have the option of grabbing a forward spawn flag in the middle west of the

dam to capture the West Gun Spawn. Allies will automatically secure the West Gun Spawn by blowing the West Gun.

Once both guns are destroyed allies have to use the radio above the Axis middle spawn to transmit the Code Words.

The code words(documents) will spawn in the West Gun Spawn and must be run to the radio while it is enabled. Power to

the radio can be cut or restored via a switch on the radio tower.