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About This File

Download pk3 name: base55_b1.pk3

Map name: base55_b1.bsp




Betaversion 1



Timelimit: 15 min + 5 min


Axis respawntime: 15 sec

Allies respawntime: 10 sec



Allies Target


- Dynamite the Maingate.

- Send the secret docs to the british headquarter.

- Destroy the V2 controlpanel with dynamite.

- Destroy the Depot Defenses to get into the Control Bunker.

- Dynamite the Sideentrance.

- Destroy the Axis Command Post.

- Build a Command Post.




Axis Target


- Defend the Maingate.

- Defend the secret docs before the Allies can send it.

- Prevent the Allies for destroying the V2 controlpanel.

- Build the Depot Defenses to protect the Control Bunker.

- Defend the Sideentrance.

- Build a Command Post.

- Destroy the Allied Command Post.


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