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About This File

Download pk3 name: xdam2.pk3

Map name: xdam2.bsp


Map Description


The Axis have started to build a new X-Lab facility in an old factory near an old water dam. Allied forces have come across this information and are now planning an attack with the mission to destroy the X-Lab and eliminate all Axis forces they come across. It is a dangerous mission and there is a need for some good strategy from both forces.


Map Objectives


Allied objectives:


*Destroy the service area garage door.

*Destroy the upper dam wall (this wall can be constructed by an Axis engineer)

*Destroy the X-Lab




*Build the lower dam MG42 nest.

*Construct the Command Post.

*Capture service area spawn.

*Go covert op and go thru the Axis door in service area.


Axis Objectives:


*Defend the service area garage door.

*Construct the upper dam wall to stop/slow down the allied attack.

*Defend the X-Lab




*Build the upper dam balcony MG42.

*Build the upper dam MG42 nest.

*Capture the service area spawn.