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Download pk3 name: citadel.pk3

Map name: citadel.bsp




There are 5 flags in the citadel and the first team to capture all the flags wins the game


We decided to have a very zoomed in command map since only the streets interest the players and not the huge hills all around. I set 5 stars on the command map indicating the position of the flags to both teams.


I indicated the axis & allied spawns with flags and also put the flag numbers down. This is so you can easily understand the little scripting system I set up to find out which team controls which flags: the screenshot below shows a board, there are 4 identical boards all over the map. When the first flag is captured by a team, the capturing team gets it's flag on the first position of the board. You see on the 2nd board screenshot, that allies hold flags 1 & 3 whereas axis have flags 2 & 5. No one has captured the 4th flag. On the last board, axis hold 3 flags and allies none