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Sup, peeps! Mmmm. It's been a while! I haven't been online here in something like a year, or more. With COVID and everything the way it is, i don't have a lot in the way of things to do that are especially meaningful at the moment. But, for those of you that do know me, i've got some pretty stellar news. Got me a proper publisher for the book I'm working on, a house and other miscellaneous nice shit. Not bad for a guy who was on disability last year. Anyway, just miss the old times with Timmy, SiS, Red, Neuro, D..X, Azkal, Mr. GoongalaJones and all the other rabble rousers I played with whose names I forget. Some of my favourite DOI memories are: accidentally torching my friends, and feeling terrible for burning them, asking redAngel if she wants a present, but actually dropping lit TNT on the floor instead. OOh, and bazooka blasting a room full of Germans into frankfurter bits.


What's weird is I miss helping with admin work, and helping to keep things clean around here. I can't work for a while yet still says veterans affairs, so in the meantime, i was thinkin', "Hey, maybe F|A could use some help while I have time?"



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